Unconstitutional Ban on Immigrants and Our Responsibility

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Muslim Congress joins countless citizens and denounces the executive order to ban people entering the United States from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. There have been no terrorist attacks from any of these chosen countries on US soil. In addition, the ban clearly discriminates against Muslims, as it targets impoverished Muslim majority countries and prevents their populations from seeking refuge from attacks.

We demand for this ban to be lifted, and for all those who have been granted visas previously, to be allowed into the country. We also demand that visas continue to be given to people from these countries trying to enter the United States, as they were previously given. These people deserve equal treatment to people entering from other countries, and Muslim refugees should be granted asylum just as those from other religions.

Although this may seem like a time of great difficulty for the ummah we must bear in mind that Allah is with the patient and He has promised that this world is a test and if we claim to believe we will be tested.

As a Muslim ummah we must learn from our Imams and Prophets on how to face hardships. Our roles today should be:
To remain patient and steadfast;
To show our best conduct in times of difficult situations;
To respond to hateful comments/gestures with love and compassion;
To remain firm on our faith;
To protest for our rights;
To take legal advice

We can also use this opportunity to show people our akhlaq as Muslims by standing with our black and Latino brothers and sisters, both Muslim and non Muslim and by showing people true Islam through our actions.

If you would like more information on how you can protect your rights, and what you should do if your rights are compromised please watch the Know Your Rights seminar below.

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