Reflections on the Life and Struggle of Lady Zainab (a)

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I would like to congratulate the Imam of our time, the leader of the Muslim world, our righteous scholars, the followers of the Ahlul Bait, and all human beings on the birth anniversary of Lady Zainab (as).

Lady Zainab (as) was the granddaughter of the Holy Prophet and the daughter of Ameer-ul-Mumineen Imam Ali. She reflected the best attributes of her grandmother Umm-al-Mumineen Lady Khadijah (as), and her mother Lady Fatima (as).

While Lady Zainab was not one of the 14 Masumeen (infallibles), her role in the history of Islam was monumental.

She witnessed the massacre that took place in Karbala, and after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (as), she stood tall and took charge of the survivors.

She showed strength, confidence and faith despite the harsh calamity that fell upon her and her family.

While it had originally appeared that Yazeed and his army were the victors of the battle, Lady Zainab changed this notion with her patience and force of will.

In the court of Yazeed, she spoke with eloquence and precision, and challenged the enemies of the Ahlulbayt.

“By Allah (swt), you cannot remove us from the minds (of people), and you cannot erase our message”.

History indeed proved her claims.

She played a crucial role in turning this apparent defeat into a permanent victory for truth.

She was a model of defiance against oppression and injustice.

If it wasn’t for Lady Zainab, Karbala would have been forgotten just like the event of Ghadeer.

She awakened the ignorant masses who were deceived by the propaganda of Yazeed. Her sermons created a movement which shook the base of Yazid’s kingdom and eventually ended the dynasty of the Umayyads.

Hazrat Zainab never complained about her circumstances. Instead, through her sermons, she reminded believers to hold fast to their faith and fulfill their religious duties regardless of any and all difficulties they may encounter.

She stands as an exemplary role model for all believing men and women.

The only way for anyone, male or female, to pay respect to her sacrifice is to follow her conduct and stand tall in the face of tyranny.

May Allah help us to become true followers of the Ahlulbayt and true companions of the Imam of our time. May Allah hasten his appearance.


Syed Sartaj Zaidi

Chairman, Board of Trustees
Muslim Congress

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