Imam Ali (a): Reflections on His Life and His Mission

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Condolences to the Imam of our time Imam al-Mahdi (atfs), our righteous scholars, the Leader of the Muslim world, and all human beings on the martyrdom anniversary of Ameer-ul-Momineen Ali ibn Abi Talib (a).

Imam Ali (a) dedicated his life to pleasing Allah, through all the trials and tribulations that befell him.

He was the living Quran and the embodiment of Islam.

He was an Imam, whether he sat on a position of authority or not.


He was known for his justice and character to all Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Describing people, Imam Ali (a) divides humanity into two major categories , “Either they are your fellow believers in faith or they are human beings like you.”


He taught us that Allah (swt) has created man to be free, so one must not be a slave to any but his Creator.

Imam Ali was the one who worshiped Allah, not as a worshiper for the sake of the Paradise like a merchant looking to exchange goods, nor as a worshiper due to the scare of the Hell like a slave afraid of punishment, but as a free man who recognized that only Allah was worthy of his worship.


He was the man that considered governance to be less important than the sneeze of a goat. He explained that nations may be governed by unbelievers (kafireen) but not by oppressors (zalimeen).

Ali (a) only used the government as a means to please Allah. He dressed and lived as the poorest of his subjects. He did not gain respect from his position, rather the position became worthy of respect through him.


He was a man known for his dedication to Islam and truth (haqq). His enemies did not hate him because he was oppressive, but because of his uncompromising justice. It was because of his stance that he was killed, and justice was massacred by killing him.


Imam Ali (a) only ruled for four years approximately. There are those who criticize his methods as too lenient or claim he was not smart enough (naoozu billah) to maintain power. They forget there was a key difference between him and his opponents. Ali (a) never cared about obtaining or maintaining power. His sole focus was fulfilling God’s will and establishing social justice, whereas his opponents sought worldly gain through all means possible, no matter how immoral and inhumane.

His only goal was to achieve Allah’s pleasure.

His followers should pay attention to his saying:

وَاللهِ مَا مُعَاوِيَةُ بِأَدْهَى مِنِّي
وَلكِنَّهُ يَغْدِرُ وَيَفْجُرُ

“By Allah, Mu`awiyah is not more cunning than I am, but he deceives and commits evil deeds”


وَلَوْلاَ كَرَاهِيَةُ الْغَدْرِ لَكُنْتُ مِنْ أَدْهَى النَّاسِ

“Had it not been for the reprehensibility of deceit, I would have been the most cunning of all men”.


Looking at his life, we see that when it comes to serving Allah, there is no weighing loss and gain, only the success, through fulfilling ones obligations.

May Allah accept your prayers and supplications in this holy month.

May Allah bless you and your families.


Syed Sartaj Zaidi
Chairman, Muslim Congress

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