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Hayaa 360 was founded in May of 2010 in order to provide Muslim women across North America with the opportunity to learn from Islamic scholars who teach the lessons of Ahlul-Bayt (as). Hayaa 360 is dedicated to increasing the faith and piety of Muslim women. The group is comprised of an ethnically, racially, and economically diverse group of sisters from different parts of North America.


  • To strengthen the connection and enhance the direct access sisters have to Ulama both on the ground and at the virtual level – especially with regard to Islamic education
  • To craft educational initiatives that are as relevant to your situation as possible.
  • To expand, diversify, and strengthen its base of core volunteers to help to carry out future programming and initiatives.

Do you have something to contribute? Are you interested in writing for the Hayaa 360 Newsletter? We are looking for sisters who have experience in writing, organizing, social work, psychology and other fields whose work and experience deals directly with the education and upliftment of women and families. Contact: hayaa360@muslimcongress.org




As Salaamu Alaikum dear sisters,

We invite you to participate in our bi-weekly webinar, “Women According to the Esoteric Islamic Tradition”. Live Q&A with Hujjatul Islam Dr. Farrokh Sekaleshfar takes place every other Sunday at 7/6c, insha’Allah. Skype name: Hayaa360. Participants are required to listen to lecture four prior to Q&A.

Fi amanillah

Lecture Four

Lecture Three

Lecture Two

Lecture One

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