Annual Quran Competition

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Welcome to the annual Quran competition to be held during the 13th Annual Conference in Dallas, TX. There are two age groups and three categories for Quran competition.

16 years and below

Memorization/Hifz       – One Juz
Recitation/Qiraat          – Juz 30
Commentary/Tafseer     – Surah Fajr

Surah Fajr Study Guide

Over 16 years

Memorization/Hifz       – Two consecutive Juz (Juz 30 and Juz 1 are considered consecutive)
Recitation/Qiraat          – Juz 29, 30
Commentary/Tafseer   – Surah Ya Seen

Surah Ya Seen Study Guide


One may not participate in both memorization and recitation competitions. Participation in commentary can be combined with memorization or recitation.

Contestants are allowed to compete in a category level above their age group (but not below).

Sisters and brothers will compete in separate groups.

Categories may be changed or cancelled, based on participation or other considerations.

The competition will be judged based on Hafs from A’aasem recitation.

Competition will have two stages: preliminary and final. The contestants selected in the preliminary stage are expected to recite/answer questions in front of the audience in the finale stage in order to decide the winners.

All competitions will take place on August 19-20th, 2017 at the 13th annual Muslim Congress conference.

All participants agree to the rules above when they register.

Please contact for inquiries and information. Study guides will be provided to all participants.

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